As per the dire status quo propagated by ZANU PF, a regime notorious for its criminal activities, illegitimacy, and systemic failure, the party seems preoccupied with the exploitation and misappropriation of both fiscal and natural resources intended for public welfare. This relentless pilfering leads to a lack of service delivery, reinforcing its futile endeavour towards a one-party state, subsequently contributing to the country’s state of inertia and an unemployment rate that currently stands at nineteen percent.

The same ZANU PF party, immersed in thievery and corruption, leans on its partisan and unprofessional statistical agency, ZIMSTAT, to create and disseminate misleading propaganda. This serves as a smokescreen, intending to influence the unemployed populace, a massive seventy-four percent, in the hopes of swaying their votes.

One can’t help but question the motives of ZANU PF, which has been, for decades, heedlessly oppressing and terrorising its citizens, showing consistent insensitivity and nonchalance towards their sufferings. Does it genuinely make sense for ZANU PF to attempt to manipulate the unemployed into believing they’re better off than they are? It begs the question, why coerce ZIMSTAT into producing distorted data that contradicts the stark reality on the ground?

The likely answer to this deceitful practice is the party’s apprehension of its failure, owing to the undeniable presence of widespread unemployment rooted in their illegitimate rule and impractical aspiration for a one-party state. Would ZANU PF desire to monopolise a paralysed and failing state, especially if the constitution defended against violations, and if an effective political system—emphasising accountability, rule of law, legal equality, separation of powers, and power devolution—was prevalent? The answer, undoubtedly, is no.

This point, particularly, is aimed at highlighting ZANU PF’s illegitimacy and its link to the rampant unemployment it’s striving to veil, with ZIMSTAT’s complicity, a sadly politicised and unprofessional entity.

ZANU PF, the party persistently engrossed in corruption and plundering, is the principal driver of the unemployment crisis. If they were to relinquish their grip on power, making way for the resilient opposition, the current state of affairs could potentially transform overnight. This change would be heralded by safeguarding property rights, a stark contrast to ZANU PF’s contemptuous disregard for constitutional and human rights.

Regrettably, ZANU PF is preoccupied with creating an unconstitutional one-party state, destined to falter and eventually collapse due to the party’s fixation with corruption, which inevitably leads to deficits in transparency and accountability. This dire situation is further exacerbated by the absence of the rule of law, legal equality, separation of powers, and power devolution.

In the grand scheme of things, the people do not require misleading employment statistics—they simply need employment. If, hypothetically, the unemployment rate indeed stands at nineteen percent, from where does ZANU PF expect to source the youth for national service? This conundrum, indeed, is food for thought.

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